Shadow Work Facilitators UK

If you’re interested in doing some shadow work for yourself, you’ll need a good shadow work facilitator. And that raises the question “How do I find a facilitator who is right for me?”

The simple answer is to ask around for a personal recommendation. However, although shadow work is growing in popularity, it’s not yet really widespread as a means of personal growth and development. You may find this approach isn’t too helpful!

Your next approach could be Google or another search engine, where you can search for a man or woman to help you in your quest. Search terms like “shadow work facilitators uk” and “shadow work facilitators near x” (where you specify your location) can be more helpful.

However, there are a couple of other aspects to consider.  The first is training:  is your potential facilitator well trained and highly experienced in shadow work? The second is more personal: will you feel relaxed, open, and deeply trusting of your facilitator?

Although these questions are both important, the second one may sometimes matter more. Research has repeatedly shown that one of the most important factors in the effectiveness of any kind of personal growth and development work is the quality of the relationship between practitioner and client.

This applies just as much to your relationship with your shadow work facilitator as it does in any other form of counselling or therapy. What this means in practice is that you need to feel both comfortable with, and confident about, your facilitator. Only then will you be able to explore the deep issues which can arise in shadow work and deal with them effectively.