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About Our Work Together

My name’s Rod Boothroyd. Welcome.

I work from home by Zoom, although sessions may be arranged in person if required. Zoom has proved to be a tremendously effective technique for this approach to shadow work. Many clients have said how much they enjoy this work without the need for a long journey before and after a session.

This approach to exploring your shadow works because much of the work is done by accessing the unconscious thoughts and feelings you have around an issue through your imagination.

All you need is a way of accessing Zoom and a space in which you have privacy and the ability to stand up and move around a little as I guide you through the enjoyable and powerful processes we will use. 

Sessions tend to be longer than they are in conventional counselling. This allows for a deeper exploration of all aspects of the issues you want to explore and resolve. 

We can discuss what format would suit you before we commence our work together. Possibilities include an introductory session of 2 hours or more, followed by shorter sessions of 90 minutes or an hour on a weekly or fortnightly basis. We’ll work together to decide what will suit you best.

Sessions cost between £70 and £140 per hour, and I invite you to place yourself on that scale wherever is most comfortable for you at the moment.  (The hour is a full 60 minutes, not the shorter “50 minute hour” offered by many therapists and counsellors.) 

A typical shadow work session would start with a discussion of what’s going on for you. This allows us to review progress and to discuss matters arising since our last session. We then consider what you would like to have happen today. 

We then move into the deeper shadow work. You might have a clear objective for the session, or you may prefer to explore the different parts of yourself to discover how they interact and, more importantly, how they control your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Where you have emotional wounds or “baggage” from the past we will work to resolve these issues. Because of the dynamic nature of the work, this tends to happen much more quickly than it would during conventional “talking therapy” or counselling.

We take the work at the pace that suits you. If you’re already in a process of change, things can move very quickly. If you want to take things at a slower pace, that’s fine too.

From time to time I may suggest that you consider joining a workshop group. That would generally be a two-day weekend experience. This might be with me or with one of my colleagues, or with a recommended organisation such as the ManKind Project or Celebration Of Being. Of course attendance is completely optional, and you are always free to decide whether or not this is right for you at the time.  

However, there’s a dynamic, supportive environment in a group which can really bring about deep transformation and “fix” it in place. Many people say these shadow workshops are the most powerful personal growth experiences they have ever had. They certainly provide plenty of material to work on in ongoing individual sessions! 

You can read more about such groups here (for men).  We also have mixed groups, of roughly equal numbers of men and women, led by a male and female facilitator. Details can be supplied on request.

Counselling in Bath, Bristol, Westbury, Trowbridge, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire and Somerset

The fact that the counselling work can take place by Zoom means that even if you aren’t within travelling distance, we can work together. This technology means personal access to Healing The Shadow work is not limited to towns near my place of work such as Bath, Bristol, Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge, Westbury and other nearby towns. If you live further afield, do please call, because we can work together effectively.