Our Extended Shadow Work Journey

Healing The Shadow: A twelve month shadow work journey

A Powerful And Fast Route To Personal Growth & Emotional Healing 

This is a special chance to be part of a small group of women and men travelling together on a profound personal journey. We meet for six weekends over a period of one year.

In this time you will have the opportunity to get to know yourself and each other deeply. You will experience deep insights and gain profound understanding of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. And more importantly, beyond this, you will get the tools that enable you to change how you are in the world, so that you really can become more of the person you want to be.

With the support of the group, this journey into yourself will become an opportunity to experience personal transformation and deep emotional healing. The group is led by me, Rod Boothroyd, and my colleague Marianne Hill, who is also a highly experienced shadow work facilitator.

Here are some comments from a previous shadow work journey participant:

Marianne and Rod are incredible masters at facilitation, instruction, holding the space and guiding us through what can be some of the deepest parts of ourselves. They are not only incredibly empathetic but also so well experienced and you cannot help but feel safe in their hands. Even after 6 months of intensive work I plan to continue with both of them on this journey of love and healing.

This work has both given me the tools and the safe space to proactively work through parts of myself that needed acknowledging, accepting and even loving. The benefits of which have been enormous in my everyday life. Traditional therapy has so much to learn from this incredibly powerful and empowering practice.” Christopher Koller – Participant 2018

Our approach in these workshops is to provide a range of tools and techniques which allow you to heal and integrate the emotional wounds of childhood and recover your place as a mature and powerful adult in the world. You can explore your shadows and emotional wounds in the safety of a supportive, consistent group. You can grieve unfelt losses, express repressed anger, discover your power and potency in the world, and discover how to change a fear-based approach to life to one of excitement and exploration.

Currently suspended because of Covid, the dates of the next journey will be announced as soon as possible.

The venue is The Green Room, Keyford, Frome, Somerset  BA11 1PJ.

The cost for this journey is based on a three tier system to accommodate people from a range of financial backgrounds. Details will be available as soon as possible.

To register interest, please email me, Rod Boothroyd, for a registration form:  Rod@thebalancedwhole.co.uk

Some women and some men say they feel fear about what these shadow workshops might uncover. If you feel anxious in any way, you might like to read this post by my colleague Marianne Hill: The Gateway To Transformation.

Marianne and I are the shadow work facilitators on this journey. Together we hold our participants in a loving, confidential space. We come from a standpoint of unconditional positive regard for our clients, and we work on the assumption that the answers to all our participants’ questions can be found inside themselves.

Marianne is vastly experienced in this work, and has worked extensively with groups, both women’s groups and mixed gender groups for over 10 years. Following on from her training Marianne has founded an organisation devoted to healing emotional wounds held in the shadow and, like me, she is now a Healing The Shadow Practitioner. You can read more about Marianne here: Healing The Shadow. You can read more about  my own work with men’s groups here. You can read about training as a shadow work facilitator here.

Finally, if you’d like to join us and you don’t have any previous experience of working with Marianne or me, we ask that you have a 90 minute introductory one to one session prior to attending the course in order to get a feel for the work. This can be done via Zoom if necessary. (The cost of this is included in the cost of the journey.)

Another Testimonial From A Previous Six Month Journey Participant

“I came to Healing The Shadow looking for more experiential psychological work, and that is exactly what I found!  Before the six month journey I did an individual piece of work with Marianne (5 hours), and experienced a profound shift in my awareness of the challenges in my life.  I knew among other things that I needed to learn how to be in my power, and how to set boundaries – my first thought was to do an assertiveness course, but Marianne suggested the six month journey, and I am so glad she did.  What I learned over the six month journey was aimed not only at my mind, but at my body and soul.  As someone who has heavily identified with my intellect and historically tended to use it as the way to approach all my challenges, I needed something that didn’t rely solely on cognitive strategies as so many approaches do – the brilliant thing about Healing The Shadow work is that it acknowledges the value of the intellect as one tool among many, and it helps you experience the value of many other tools, including engaging with emotions, the body and the intuition – it felt very balanced and integrative and engaged me on a far deeper level than talking therapy ever could have. From the first session, I felt more able to believe in myself, negotiate my relationships more assertively, stop making excuses or over-explain myself, and I also began to understand myself and others in a far more nuanced and compassionate way, which influenced every aspect of my relationships.  Rowena – Six Month Journey Participant